Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Archives of Oblivion playlist and podcast, December 19, 2006

This was the official Christmas episode, as well as the last Archives of Oblivion for 2006. I'm taking a holiday hiatus, but I'll be back in 2007 with much, much more. Stay tuned...

Here's the entire show:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

[please download the files before listening]

Here's the playlist:

Christmas Seals PSA - Tom Bosley
Yoko Ono, Listen The Snow Is Falling
Christmas Seals PSA - Tony Randall
Tony Randall & Jack Klugman, You're So Vain
Christmas Seals PSA - Rodney Dangerfield
Marvin Gaye, Purple Snowflakes
National Lampoon, Kung Fu Christmas
Claudine Longet, I Don't Intend To Spend Christmas Without You
Nydia Caro, Ask Me What I Want For Christmas
Christmas Seals PSA - George Takei
Babs Gonsalves, Be-Bop Santa Claus
Douglas Leedy, Joy To The World
Wizzard, I Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
Christmas Seals PSA - Bob Barker
Claudine Longet, Snow
"Bestline Products", It's A Wonderful New Woman's World
Bert Kaempfert, A Swingin' Safari
The John Gregory Orchestra, The Six Million Dollar Man Theme
Elmer Bernstein, Frankie Machine
The Alan Copeland Singers, Baroque-A-Nova
"Bestline Products", It's A Wonderful New Bestline World
The Driving Stupid, Green Things Have Entered My Skin, Gladys
Jimmy Jukebox [Kim Fowley], Motor Boat
The Super Stocks, Cheater Slicks
The Meditations, Transcendental Meditation
Simon & Garfunkel, Silent Night/7 O'Clock News
Bobby The Poet, White Christmas/Weather Report
Becky Lamb, Little Becky's Christmas Wish
Becky Lamb, Love, Tommy
Becky Lamb, If I'm Elected President In 1968
The Goons, I'm Walking Backwards For Christmas
Mission Viejo Singers, Christmas Makes Our Home A Hometown Again
Louis Armstrong, 'Zat You, Santa Claus?
Allan Sherman, 12 Gifts Of Christmas
The Moog Machine, God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
The Hello People, It's A Monday Kind Of Tuesday
Bobby Gentry, Refractions
Duane & Miriam Eddy, Guitar On My Mind
"The Sound Of Dissent", Peace March
Chrysalis, Dr. Root's Garden
Uncle Bill, Yummy Yummy Yummy
Mortimer, Dedicated Music Maker

Sound Collage featuring:
Dragnet, The Christmas Story
Acid Mothers Temple, Pink Lady Lemonade
Jack Webb, excerpts from the motion picture "The D.I."
Edd "Kookie" Byrnes, Yulesville
Christmas Seals PSA - Phyllis Diller
"Let's Act As Consumers", I'm A Consumer
Don Cherry, Eternal Rhythm
Excerpts from "A Charlie Brown Christmas"

Homemade Theatre, Santa Jaws
"Pepsi-Cola presents New Year's Eve At Disneyland", excerpts
Galaxie 500, Listen The Snow Is Falling
Christmas Seals PSA - Hal Holbrook
Toys For Tots PSA - Jimmy Durante

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Archives of Oblivion, December 12, 2006

Technical glitches consumed the bulk of what would have been my show this week. Things should be back to normal next Tuesday the 19th. Expect holiday mayhem a-go-go!

The December 19th show will be my last for 2006, as Archives Of Oblivion will be taking a holiday hiatus and returning in January.

Friday, December 08, 2006

Beatle-sploitation special, December 8, 2006

This show was part of a day-long Beatles tribute/deconstruction staged by Luxuria Music on December 8th. I had the pleasure of being joined in the studio by the amazing Steve Stanley, who brought along some incredible records.

Here's what went down over the course of three hours:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

[please download the files before listening]

Here's the playlist:

Andy Zax:

The Brothers Four, Revolution
The Four Freshmen, Lady Madonna
Bill Cosby, Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Browning Bryant, Yesterday
The Tijuana Sound, The Ballad of John & Yoko
National Lampoon, Magical Misery Tour
The Kings Singers, Strawberry Fields Forever
Allan Sherman, Pop Hates The Beatles
Peter Sellers, A Hard Day's Night
Dionne Warwick, We Can Work It Out
The Durham Ox Singers, Revolution 9
Paul Frees (as Charlie Chan), Let It Be
Anita Kerr Singers, All You Need Is Love
Kozmon, Yoko & John
Electronic Concept Orchestra, Penny Lane
The Bagels, Meet The Bagels singing I Want To Hold Your Hair
The Bagels, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah)
Big Ben Banjo Band, Norwegian Wood/Rain/Nowhere Man
Kathy McCord, I'm Leaving Home
Marilyn Michaels, Got To Get You Into My Life
Terry Knight, Saint Paul

Steve Stanley:

Keith Green, Sgt. Pepper's Epitaph
The California Poppy Pickers, Yellow Submarine
The Justice Department, Let John & Yoko Stay
The People, Come Back Beatles
Toothpick Tommy & The Truckers, Bip Bop
The Mystery Tour, The Ballad Of Paul
Billy Shears & The All-Americans, Brother Paul
Rainbo (Sissy Spacek), John You Went Too Far This Time
Gershon Kingsley, Nowhere Man
The Ronnie Cole Trio, My Sweet Lord
Roger Nichols Trio, I'll Be Back
Vic Lewis Orchestra, Come And Get It
Tina Ferra, R is for Ringo
The Bantams, Ticket To Ride
The Hard Times, Here There and Everywhere
Kings Road, Mother

Andy Zax sound collage featuring:

John Oswald, Btls
John Lennon, Tower Records ad
John Lennon & Yoko Ono, John & Yoko
John Lennon, "Lennon Remembers" interview
John Lennon, 1979 diary tape
Casey Kasem, Letter From Elena
The Wild Honey Singers, That Would Be Something
John Andrews Tartaglia, Within You Without You
John Andrews Tartaglia, I Am the Walrus
801, Tomorrow Never Knows
Yoko Ono, Mind Train

Andy Zax/Steve Stanley:

Charter Sound Series Vol. 5 for Concert Band, Portrait of Lennon/McCartney(A Hard Day's Night, And I Love Her, Day Tripper, Hey Jude)
John Lennon, Thrifty Drug ads
"Switched-On Beatles", Strawberry Fields Forever
The Good Ship Lollipop, Maxwell's Silver Hammer
Jackie & Roy, Fixing A Hole
The Vulcanes [David Axelrod], Liverpool
The Fall, A Day In The Life

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Archives Of Oblivion playlist, December 5, 2006

Here's the show:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

[please download the files before listening]

Here's the playlist:

The Soulful Strings, Paint it Black
Sebastian Cabot, Who Killed Davey Moore?
"Glorshon Wars" PSA, Cooperation
The Human Beinz, It's Fun To Be Clean
The Cowsills, The Milk Song
The Voices Four, Sim Shalom
The New Folk, Love Comes Down
The Moon, Someday Girl
The Sound Of Feeling, Hurdy Gurdy Man
The Turtles, Sound Asleep
David McCallum, The Edge
Howard Roberts, Spinning Wheel
David Rose, Workin' On A Groovy Thing
Lou Rawls, Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa (Sad Song)
The Electric Prunes, General Confessional
Loretta Swit, I Hate Listerine
"The Bathrooms Are Coming!" My Bathroom Is A Private Kind Of Place
"City Ice" radio spot
Peggy Hayama, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (in Japanese)
"How To Buy Meat," Bacon Window PSA
Sammy Davis Jr., I'm Over 25 - But You Can Trust Me
Lt. Garcia's Magic Music Box, El Hombre
James Last, Mr. Giant Man
Pink Umbrellas, Raspberry Rainbow
Stonepillow, There's Good News Tonight
"The Space Alphabet," Hydrogen & Helium
Uncle Jim, Go Where The Action Is
[music bed: Douglas Leedy, Entropical Paradise]
Robert Preston, Chicken Fat
Jackson 5, Corner Of the Sky
The Osmonds, Flirtin'
The Credibility Gap, You Can't Judge A Book By Its Hair
Excerpt from "Tomorrow Radio"
Fairchilds, (I Couldn't Think About Livin' Without You) Thinkin' Bout Me
Lothar & The Hand People, L-O-V-E
The Baroque Inevitable, Yellow Submarine
The American Breed, Cool It

Live mix, including:
"New Communications Era"
"The Complacent Americans"
"If The Bomb Falls"
Tobie Lurie, "Dow Chemical Jones"
Kurt Vonnegut, excerpts from "Slaughterhouse-Five"
Leonard Nimoy, excerpts from "There Will Come Soft Rains" (Ray Bradbury)
[music beds: Miles Davis, He Loved Him Madly; The Velvet Underground, live 1/14/66]

Momus, What Will Death Be Like?
The Bugaloos, The Bugaloos
Jimmie Haskell, California Fairy Tale/Barbara
The Hullaballoo Singers, Help
Bing Crosby, Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive
"How To Buy Meat," Steaks For Broiling PSA
The Partridge Family, I'm On My Way Back Home Again