Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Archives of Oblivion playlist and podcast, November 14, 2006

Here's the show (minus a few lost seconds in between sections):

Update, 3/20/07: I've had to take the mp3's offline due to some storage issues. I hope to have it avilable again shortly. In the meantime, if you're dying to hear it, drop me an email --andyzax-at-hotmail-dot-com--and we'll work something out.

Here's the playlist:

Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Casino Royale
The Sounds Orchestral - 007
Roland Shaw & His Orchestra - Mr. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Magazine - Goldfinger
Roland Shaw & His Orchestra - Diamonds Are Forever (Reprise)
Nancy Sinatra - You Only Live Twice
Soft Cell - 007
Sammy Davis Jr. - John Shaft
Mike Post Coalition - Bubblegum Breakthrough
James Last - Silver Machine/Children Of The Revolution/School's Out
Tartaglia - I Am The Walrus
Ken Nordine - I Used To Think My Right Hand Was Uglier Than My Left
Patty Waters - Jax Beer Commercial
Ray Martin - Hoodunit
The Young Americans - Bowling Green
Kelly Gordon & Shorty Rogers - Baja Boat
Grady Tate - I Got Six
Johnny Harris - Paint It Black
Claudia Brücken & Andrew Poppy - Drive In Saturday
Brigitte Fontaine - Mendelsohn
Lotte Lenya - Seerauberjenny
Johnny Hallyday - Je Suis Fou
Charlotte Gainsbourg - AF607105
Pan-Am commercial - "The Name Of The Game Is Go"
Blossom Toes - Look At Me I'm You
The Attack - Created By Clive
Kaleidoscope (UK) - Faintly Blowing
The Dipsomanics - Dulcimer's Dream
Roy Harper - Sgt. Sunshine
Hearts & Flowers - Ode To A Tin Angel
Marty Gold/Donald Hulme - Classical Gas
Sid Bass/Moog Espana - Spanish Flea
Claude Denjean - Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
Electronic Concept Orchestra - Hey Jude
The Zeet Band - Beaver Boogie
Sounds Of The 70's Orchestra - Hourglass
The Gentle Rain - Lonely Jelly
Henry Morgan - Poetry And Jazz

Live mix including:
Dick Summer - Getting To Know You
Psychonetix presents "Be Irresistibly Female"
Muriel Davis Grossfeld - Club 15 Exercises
"J" - The Way To Become The Sensuous Woman
Toby Lurie - Mantra

Soupy Sales - Muck-Arty-Park
Rotary Connection - I Am The Black Gold Of The Sun
excerpt from Dragnet - "The LSD Story"
Jack Webb - Try A Little Tenderness


Andy Zax said...

To the anonymous inquirer: the salacious disc in question is the "Sensuous Woman" album (Atlantic SD 7209, 1971). It's not on CD, but there are plenty of copies of the LP floating around.

tgodd said...

this is great

Anonymous said...


I would love to get my hands on the Muriel Davis Grossfeld Club 15 exercises! It was my first exercise record...I can CLEARLY remember her intoning: "Squat support, straddle support, roll over, squat, stand" over and over...and attempting to follow her instructions with only still photographs to guide me. Any suggestions?