Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Remembering Tupper Saussy: Archives of Oblivion, 3/20/07

A celebration of Tupper Saussy's music, from his first recordings--the privately-pressed "Jazz At Sewanee," recorded in the mid-1950's while he was still an undergraduate--to his most recent--the just-released album "The Chocolate Orchid Piano Bar."

Here's the entire show in mp3 form:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

[please download the files before listening]

Here's the playlist:

The Neon Philharmonic, radio spot for The Moth Confesses
Tupper Saussy Quartet with Charlie McCoy, A Spoonful Of Sugar
Tupper Saussy, Said I To Shostakovitch
Tupper Saussy Quartet, Unbound
Tupper Saussy, Idol Of His Age
The Neon Philharmonic, Brilliant Colors
The Neon Philharmonic, Cowboy
The Neon Philharmonic, The New Life Out There
The Neon Philharmonic, Morning Girl
The Neon Philharmonic, Got A Feelin' In My Bones
Tupper Saussy, Melissa
Al Hirt, Melissa [w.: Tupper Saussy]
Chet Atkins, Melissa [w.: Tupper Saussy]
Tupper Saussy, I Think I See
Mickey Newbury, Weeping Annaleah [arr. Tupper Saussy]
Pat Boone, Good Morning Dear [w: Mickey Newbury;
arr.: Tupper Saussy]
Mickey Newbury, Sweet Memories [arr.: Tupper Saussy]
Tupper Saussy, Always Be In Love
The Neon Philharmonic, Annie Poor
Roy Orbison, Southbound Jericho Parkway [arr.: Tupper Saussy]
Bobby Bond, One More Mile, One More Town (One More Time)
[prod.:Gant & Saussy; arr.: Tupper Saussy]
Ray Stevens, The Earl Of Stilton Square [w. & arr.: Tupper Saussy]
Tupper Saussy, The Centaur
Tupper Saussy, Toy For R. Stevie
The Neon Philharmonic, Midsummer Night
The Neon Philharmonic, Little Sparrow
The Neon Philharmonic, The Last Time I Saw Jacqueline
The Neon Philharmonic, Morning Girl, Later
Ronnie Von, Onde Foi (Morning Girl)
Rick Ely, Morning Girl
The Lettermen, Morning Girl
Shaun Cassidy, Morning Girl
Al Hirt, The Contrary Waltz [w.: Tupper Saussy]
Tupper Saussy, The Contrary Waltz
Perry Como, Love Don't Care (Where it Grows) [w.: Tupper Saussy]
Tupper Saussy, Fill My Dark
Tupper Saussy Quartet with Charlie McCoy,
Tupper Saussy & The Wayward Bus, The Prophet
Tupper Saussy & The Wayward Bus, Love Hum
Tupper Saussy & The Wayward Bus, Edgar Whitsuntide
Tupper Saussy & The Wayward Bus, The Prophet (Instrumental)
Mama Cass Elliot, Hardee's jingles [w. & arr.: Tupper Saussy]
The Neon Philharmonic, Are You Old Enough To Remember Dresden?
The Neon Philharmonic, No One Is Going To Hurt You
The Neon Philharmonic, Long John The Pirate
The Neon Philharmonic, F. Scott Fitzgerald And William Shakespeare
The Neon Philharmonic, The Mordor National Anthem
Tupper Saussy, Serenade To The Underdog
Tupper Saussy, Things Work Out
Tupper Saussy Quartet with Charlie McCoy, Let's Go Fly A Kite

Tupper 'n' me, looking semi-serious, Santa Monica, 2003
(photo: Lisa Jane Persky)


Frank Thompson said...

I was directed to this site by Tupper's son Haun and have been reveling in it. Way too much of Tupper's music that I'd never heard before, and I'm loving it. How sadly ironic that right after Tupper leaves us, we suddenly have access to a treasure trove of his music, not only the recordings here but the wonderful "Chocolate Orchid Piano Bar" which I've been playing repeatedly over the past couple of weeks. I've been so saddened by Tupper's passing, but all this music is a great way of keeping him with us.

Thanks, Andy, for this and for that great boxed set "Brilliant Colors."

Scott Andrew Hutchins said...

I hadn't heard of Tupper Saussy before NPR reported on his death, and I finally got The Neon Philharmonic boxed set last week, and wished I had gotten it sooner. I'd love it if I could put "Long John the Pirate" on my MySpace page! (NP disbanded before I was born.)

I've been telling everybody about The Neon Philharmonic and hope they listen. I'm glad I was listening to NPR that day. I've also been updating Wikipedia's NP information.

Tony said...

Hi Andy,
have just listened to all 3 hours of the Tupper Saussy tribute. Was both entertained and deeply moved. I picked up the 2nd Neon Philharmonic LP in a cut-outs bin in 1971 for $1 hoping for a lost psych LP...but got something else completely..put it aside...but over the years kept coming back to it. The Neon Philharmonic was truly unique and wonderful and it was great to hear what surrounded this work for the first time, filling me in on a important composer, arranger who is still little known.

Many thanks,