Friday, May 04, 2007

Archives Of Oblivion playlist, May 1, 2007

The Idiots & Co., The Record Reviewers
Chubby Checker, Goodbye Victoria
R. Stevie Moore, Goodbye Piano
Emitt Rhodes. Holly Park
Fairport Convention, Time Will Show The Wiser
Radio spot for "Colossus: The Forbin Project"
Herb Pilhofer, Montage Northwest
Sound 80, The Theme
Herb Pilhofer, Montage Minnesota
Porter Wagoner, The Rubber Room
The Collectors, Lydia Purple
Tanya Falan, Lydia Purple
Dunn & McCashen, Lydia Purple
The Greenwood County Singers, Lydia Purple
Giant Crab, Lydia Purple
Alexander's Markets, We Make You A Litte Bit Richer
Papercuts, Dear Employee
The Plastic Cloud, Epistle To Paradise
Peter Sarstedt, Many Coloured Semi-Precious Plastic Easter Eggs
Aesop's Fables, And When It's Over
Pearls Before Swine, Sail Away
We All Together, Soy Timido
Ira Cook, What Is A Boy?
Tom Edwards, What Is A Teenage Boy?
Ira Cook, What Is A Girl?
Tom Edwards, What Is A Teenage Girl?
Ted Randal, What Is A DJ?
Ralph Emery, What Is A Truck Driver?
Ted Randal, What Is A Hit?
Mike Douglas, What Is A Square?
Dal Williams, What Is An Indian?
Gary Owens, What Is A Freem?
Herb Pilhofer, Montage Cat
Mike Sammes Singers, Pink Marble Shield
Herb Pilhofer, Pan Am Suite

Live Sound Collage, including:
Seefeel, Climactic Phase 3
Chie Mukai, Solo Improvisations
Excerpts from radio spot for "Colossus: The Forbin Project"
Richard Chamberlain International Fan Club, "A Personal Message From Dick"
Harmonia, Deluxe (Immer Wieder)
Excerpts from "Tomorrow Media"
Harmonia, Monza (Rauf und Runter)
A-LM, "French - Level One, Unit 13"
Abe Ravin, M.D., "Cardiac Auscultation"
Radio spots for "The Andromeda Strain"
"Johnny Carson's Introduction to New York And The World's Fair"
Star Trek, "To Starve A Fleaver"
Marilyn Lambson, "Nutrition And You"
Tangerine Dream, Rubycon

Gershon Kingsley, Kohoutek (instrumental version)
The Millennium, To Claudia On Thursday
The Fugs, Nothing
Nick Nicely, Hilly Fields
The Everly Brothers, I'm On My Way Back Home Again


Anonymous said...

...there are over 30 hours of musical delights from past shows still available for download.


youngpeoplewithsteve said...

Still waiting for that e-mail, Andy...

How's your fig tree/fly infestation flourishing?

Anonymous said...

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xerxes gorgias said...

These selections look great. How do I get to hear them or download them? Thanks!