Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Archives Of Oblivion playlist, October 24, 2006

The Voices of Walter Schumann [Paul Frees, narrator], Preparation & Blast Off
The Fifth Avenue Buses, Catwoman
Bob McAllister, Rock Song
Lynn Redgrave, While I'm Still Young
Slapp Happy, I've Got Evil
Michael Nyman, Angelfish Decay
The Id, Boil The Kettle Mother
Johnny Boy, You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve
Sparks, Looks Looks Looks
The Osmonds, Movie Man
Salubrity Series PSA: Scarred For Life
King's Road, theme from Star Trek
Giorgio, Son Of My Father
The Sounds Of Tomorrow, Our Electronic Bag
Beaver & Krause, Salute To The Vanishing American Eagle
Vita Herring ad
David Axelrod, Holy Thursday
The Nairobi Trio, Song Of The Nairobi Trio
Thomas Hill, The Man Who Kills The Ants
Mister Rogers, A Man Who Manufactures
Harpers Bizarre, Bye Bye Bye/Vine Street
Johnny Gunn, Chicken
The 'In' Sound, episode for 6/11/68 [Lemon Pipers]
Mrs. Miller, Green Tambourine
Cookie Monster, 'C' Is For Cookie
Race Marbles, Like A Dribbling Fram
Danny Kaye, Mommy Gimme A Drinka Water
Hamilton Camp, Here's To You
Tim Buckley, Knight-Errant
Ultimate Spinach, Gilded Lamp Of The Cosmos
Bongwater, Great Radio
The Glass Family, radio spot
Annette Peacock, I'm The One
Red Shadow, Understanding Marx
radio spot for The Flying Nun
Greenwood County Singers, Cat Ballou
Sheldon Allman, Radioactive Mama
Tom Glazer & Dottie Evans, Zoom A Little Zoom (Rocket Ship)
The Satellite Singers, The Story Of The Planets
Charlotte Gainsbourg, 5:55
Pidgeon, Milk & Honey
Plush, Found A Little Baby
Terry Dunham, Crystal Telephone
Live mix 1 - "Enzipan"
The Mystic Astrologic Crystal Band, Geometry Alley
Oscar Brown Jr., But I Was Cool
Live mix 2 - "Reliability"
Bill Callaway, Chemicals
Rod McKuen, The Beat Generation

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