Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Archives of Oblivion playlist and podcast, February 13, 2007

The second and third hours of the show were a special pre-Valentine's Day romance-fest.

Here's the show:

Part 1
Part 2 [this link is now fixed!]
Part 3

[please download the files before listening]

Here's the playlist:

Concert Band Series '73, "Shaft" medley
John KaSandra, Mose
7-Up commercial (c.1968), Moog Uncola Song
Quincy Jones, portable radio promo spot
Quincy Jones/Bill Cosby, Hikky Burr
Jack In The Box restaurants flexidisc, "How Pain Helps Us"
Mama Cass Elliot, Hardee's jingles
Josie And The Pussycats, With Every Beat Of My Heart
The Fifth Dimension, Carpet Man
7-Up commercial (c.1968), Nashville Uncola Song
Ted Hamilton, Elegy For What's His Name
Paul Williams, Time
Chad Mitchell, Jane Jane
Terry Callier, Trance On Sedgewick Street
Brigitte Fontaine, Comme A La Radio (English version)
Dick Summer, Getting To Know You
Tom Clay, Whatever Happened To Love?
Anthony Newley, I Flooded You With My Love
101 Strings Orchestra, This Guy's In Love With You
Lois Wyse, I Think I Love You
Dick Summer, Thin Line
Rod McKuen, A Cat Named Sloopy
Dick Whittinghill, Tribute To A Dog
Burt Reynolds, A Room For A Boy Never Used
Dick Summer, Trust Me
John Dall, This Is My Beloved
The English Congregation, Softly Whispering I Love You

Valentine Sound Collage, including:

"The Groupies"
Hugh Hefner, Playboy 25th anniversary interview album
How To Pick Up Girls, "The Street Pick Up"
Christopher Recordings on Sex Instruction, "The Marriage Union"
"Fornicating Female Freaks"
Jim Lange, "The Dating Game Party Record"
"Sex Explained For Children"
Nurse With Wound, Cold
Fennesz, Got To Move On
Couch, Plan

Lavender Jane, View From Gay Head
The Sounds Of Love, Scented Wind
Kim Fowley/Rodney Bingenheimer, Search For A Teenage Woman
Dick Summer, Winter Of The World
7-Up commercial (c.1968), Professor Irwin Corey Explains The Underground
Apollo 100, Joy


Anonymous said...

hi andy, gre√Ęt stuff, have to download it, 'cause show live would be a little late hee in europe...2nd file is wrong upload? i guess it's from the week before. keep on the good production work.
thx again,

Andy Zax said...

Rolf: thanks for letting me know. I'm fixing it now, and the correct file should be uploaded shortly.



Steve TWP said...

Did I miss the Marlo Thomas interview? If not I'd like to say "Aloha" from Hawaii. She visited here (I think last year) on the summit of Mauna Kea.