Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Archives Of Oblivion playlist and podcast, February 27, 2007

Here's the show:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

[please download the files before listening]

Kevin Ayers, There Is Loving/Among Us/There Is Loving
"Dylan Hears A Who", Green Eggs And Ham
Van Dyke Parks, Music For A Datsun TV Commercial
Mason Williams, Baroque-A-Nova
Mason Williams, Greensleeves
Mason Williams, Classical Gas
Van Dyke Parks, Music For Ice Capades TV Commercials
Pat Paulsen, radio spot for The Mason Williams Phonograph Record
Food, Forever Is A Dream
Papercuts, Found Bird
Les Baxter, AC Sparkplugs jingle
Don Robertson, Dawn
Pat Boone, Song To The Siren
The Bee Gees, Harry Braff
Teddy & The Pandas, Basic Magnetism
Dantalian's Chariot, The Madman Running Through The Fields
The Royal Guardsmen, Snoopy For President
"Dylan Hears A Who", Oh The Thinks You Can Think!
Don Randi (produced/arranged by David Axelrod), theme from "Che"
"Dynamic Denton" - original soundtrack
Hey Culligan Man! - radio spot
Tindersticks, City Sickness
James Earl Jones, "Social Security presents: Genius On The Black Side" (5 minute radio show c.1973)
Vincent Price/Orson Welles, "Energy '80" radio spot
The National Gallery, Long Hair Soulful
Harvard Mystery Theatre, Gary
Up With People, Up With People
The Partridge Family, Hello Hello

Live Sound Collage, including:

Lou Rawls, Soul Talk radio spot: "Dead Inside?"
The Hypothetical Prophets, Wallenberg
Arch Oboler, Drop Dead!
Lawrence Schiller et al, The Controversy
Mark Lane, Rush To Judgement
Lady Bird Johnson, A Visit To Washington On Behalf Of A More Beautiful America
Karlheinz Stockhausen, Aus Den Sieben Tagen: Fais Voile Vers Le Soleil
Jackie-O Motherfucker, Michigan Avenue Social Club

Kaleidoscope [UK], The Sky Children
Les Baxter/Kirby Stone Four, AC Sparkplugs jingle
Phil Ochs, The World Began In Ended But Ended In Los Angeles
"Dylan Hears A Who", The Zax
Charles H. Stern Agency, excerpt from "The In Musical Sounds For The 70's" [Artie Butler/Mark Lindsay/Jimmy Webb]


ALEX said...

Great! as always. Here's a request: YELLOW AUTUMN-SONG OF THE WEEPING WILLOW (US folk psych-1976).Thanks-ALEX

Paul M said...

Hi Andy! I'm a fan of Beat the Geeks and have always enjoyed your comments, knowledage and sly sarcasm on the show. In a "where are they now moment", I Googled your name and came across your radio show website. I've listened to a few shows and enjoy them.

Back in university in Halifax, Nova Scotia (mid-80s), I had a radio show called "Surface Noise", named after a Trouser Press column. I enjoyed playing anything from PiL, Funkadelic, Nick Drake, Byrne/Eno, and Big Star to some Jim and Tammy Bakker and Ivor Cutler. Eclectic indeed, and fun.

If I may make a request, how about some Big Star? Your choice of albums, but I'm particular to #1 Record. Lots of stuff to talk about there, with all of the bands who have covered their songs. Of not, that's fine too.

All the best,


Andy Zax said...

Alex: I don't have a copy of this, sorry.

Paul M: thanks for writing! I'll see what I can do about the Big Star...

(plus: you've inadvertently reminded me that I've never played any Ivor Cutler on the show; I'll have to do something about that immediately.)


Nick said...


I have a request: "Stormy" by Scott Walker. (Actually, anything from the "Til the Band Comes In" would be great, since I can't find that album for an affordable price anywhere- but I'd really love to hear "Stormy.")

Also, of course, I'd love to hear some more stuff from Power Records.

I missed your last show due to work, so I'm looking forward to the podcast! Thanks!