Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Archives of Oblivion playlist and podcast, February 20, 2007

This show was my contribution to Luxuria's soundtrack week...

[Apologies to all Canadian listeners; contrary to my remarks on the air, I really do know that Ontario is a province and not a state.]

Here's the show:

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

[please download the files before listening]

The Prisoner, main title theme
The Monkees, Porpoise Song [Head]
Frank Sinatra et al, New York New York [On The Town]
Bobby Womack, Across 110th Street
Harlem Globetrotters, Globetrotters' Theme/Globetrottin'
Quincy Jones, Money Runner [$]
Rhythm Heritage, Theme From 'SWAT'
Isaac Hayes, Theme From 'Shaft'
A Place To Stand (Ontar-i-ar-i-ar-i-o), main theme
Orchestra Luna, Heart [Damn Yankees]
David Rose (produced by David Axelrod), theme from "Bracken's World"
Electronic Concept Orchestra, Mah Na Mah Na [Sweden: Heaven & Hell]
Piero Piccioni, The 10th Victim, main theme
Elvis Presley, medley from "Clambake"
Excerpts from "Hello Down There": Hello Down There, I Could Love You, Hey Little Goldfish, Glub
Open-end interview with Marlo Thomas (from 1970 "That Girl" promo)
Anna Karina (comp.: Serge Gainsbourg), Roller Girl [Anna]
Opal Butterfly, You're A Groupie Girl [Groupie Girl]
Rita Tushingham & Lynn Redgrave, Smashing Time
Nino Rota, Bevete Piu Latte! [Boccaccio 70]
Strawberry Alarm Clock, Pretty Song From "Psych-Out"
Nancy Sinatra, Tony Rome
"Got To Investigate Silicones": The Answer
"Success…And Then Some!" [McDonald's 1971 industrial musical]: excerpts
"Got To Investigate Silicones": Got To Investigate Silicones
Hugo Montenegro, The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
Lalo Schifrin, Mannix
Live reading from "Co-Star: Slapsy Maxie Rosenbloom"
Daws Butler, Bedrock Twitch [The Flintstones]
Davie Allan & The Arrows, Cycle-Delic

Live sound collage including:

"What's My Line", Original Soundtrack Album
Kojak, A Question of Honor [from Power Records dramatization LP]
Dustin Hoffman/Barbara Harris, excerpts from Who Is Harry Kellerman And Why Is He Saying These Terrible Things About Me?
Peter Boyle, The American Bar Scene [Joe]
Terry Riley, Journey From The Death Of A Friend [Les Yeux Fermes]
Jack Nitzsche, Performance
Carl Stalling (comp.: Raymond Scott), Powerhouse [various Warner Bros. Cartoons]
Wendy Carlos, Suicide Scherzo [A Clockwork Orange]
Can, Mother Sky [The Deep End]

Henry Gibson, Keep A' Goin' [Nashville]
Zander Schloss, Salsa Y Ketchup [Straight To Hell]
Ennio Morricone (vocal: Peter Tevis), A Gringo Like Me [Gunfight At Red Sands]
Jingles for ABC-TV's 1967 fall program lineup
Peter Cook/Dudley Moore, Bedazzled
The Mike Curb Congregation, Burning Bridges [Kelly's Heroes]
Lulu, The Man With The Golden Gun
Springfield Revival, Come Follow Follow Me [The Little Ark]
The Cowsills, Love American Style
Maureen McGovern, The Morning After [The Poseidon Adventure]


Nick said...

Your live sound collage was especially good this week; I particularly enjoyed the use of the Kojak record- that brought back memories for me. When I was little (about 15 years ago) I had a bunch of old records, not sure how I got them, and I had this Kojak record. I used to listen to it all the time- and I used to play that section you used in the collage over and over (especially, for some reason, the line "mmmm, nice kiss"- I was little and thought it was hilarious). I think my parents still have it at their house, so I'm going to have to dig it up next time I'm there.

I also had this old Star Trek record very similar to the Kojak one, with four stories on it. It's hilarious also. I might have to try to get it on a CD or mp3 it somehow.

Anyways, great show, as always- I never miss your show. Just wanted to mention that your collage was excellent and brought back some memories.

Andy Zax said...


Glad you enjoyed it...I imagine you must have been slightly shocked when the Kojak record entered the mix!

The company that put the Kojak album out (Power Records, I believe) also released other stuff in the same vein: Star Trek (there are at least 2 or 3 different ones), Planet of the Apes, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, etc. I have a bunch of them that I've never really gotten around to using on the air...but I suspect they'll be making appearances soon.

Thanks for listening...how did you discover the show?


Nick said...

I was quite surprised and thrilled when Kojak popped up- especially since it was the section of what was my favorite "story" from that record when I was a kid. My parents still have it, and the Star Trek record. Extremely cheesy, but great fun. It really made me want to head to the vinyl store and dig out some stuff. I'll definitely be downloading the podcast if/when you post it.

I listened to Luxuria a while back, before it briefly went off the air. I re-discovered it several months ago, and I always catch your show. The music is always long before my time (I was born in '80) but, well, they just don't make music or the other neat stuff like that anymore.

Andy Zax said...


Downloads should be up and available by early next week.

If you--or anybody else reading this--wants to email me at the address shown on my Blogger profile, I'd be happy to add you to my weekly pre-show email list.

And, yeah, I'd agree with your last point, and add this: the show is my attempt to grapple with a whole bunch of stuff--sounds, ads, attitudes, ideas--which has vanished from the earth without much fanfare. I'm not old enough to have experienced most of what I'm playing in anything resembling its original context, so the show represents my (flawed and inevitably futile) effort to restore some of that context, if only for a few hours on a Tuesday.




A request for your amazing programs: KEN NORDINE-A CAGE WENT IN SEARCH OF A BIRD. Thanks.

Andy Zax said...

Hercules Freeman -

Good idea! I'll get around to it sometime in the next few weeks...